World Championship 50km Teams

The IAU 50km World Championships had their start as a World Trophy Cup in 2005. Athletes competed in one of nine qualifying events over the course of the year in order to secure a position at the World Trophy Cup Final. For the first few years, the winning times for the Trophy Cup were calculated by adding the finishing time of the Trophy Final to the athlete's best finish time during qualification races. This aggregate scoring system was abolished and only the performance at the Trophy Cup Final counted for awarding the World Champions.

In 2015, the Trophy Cup system was replaced by a simple World Championships event. The inaugural IAU 50km World Championships took place in Doha, Qatar and the event was awarded to Doha through 2017. Doha cancelled the event in 2017 and no alternative bids were received to host the event in 2017 or 2018. Covid provided challenges in 2020-2021.

This page contains a historical list of 50km team members and results for the last World Cup Trophy and all subsequent World Championships. Click on any year below to see that team and the corresponding results.

2023 50km Team Hyderabad, India
2019 50km Team Brasov, Romania Team Photo
2016 50km Team Doha, Qatar 
2015 50km Team Doha, Qatar
2014 50km World Trophy Team Doha, Qatar Team Poster