As we are approaching the new running season, the threat of the Covid 19 is on everyone's mind

We are also approaching the National Team Selection 2020 for the upcoming 100K, 50K World Championships and Continental 24 Hrs Championships.

During the annual meeting of the International Association Ultramarathon (IAU) in Athens 2 weeks ago,  the COVID 19 virus and its implication on the World 100km Championships coming up in Sept in Holland and the 50km in Nov in Jordan, was discussed.

Also coming up in May is the Continental 24 Hrs Championships in Argentina.

So far everything is on track and they are following closely the recommendation of the WHO and IAAF before making any announcement of cancellation.

They are making every effort to announce cancellation (if necessary) early enough to make sure athletes and officials are safe.

That being said, we are putting on hold making any reservations at the moment because if cancelled, none of our bookings will be covered by travel insurance if it is cancelled or postponed.

As soon as a decision is made, it will be posted on the ACU web site as well as the ACU Facebook page.

More to follow...


ACU President