The ACU has an opening for 2 Directors of Social Media positions. 1 Director covering the West Coast to Central and 1 Director for East Coast to Central.

As any other position on the ACU executive and committee members, all work is on a volunteer basis.

The ACU is looking for individual available to dedicate about 1 hour a week for updating the website page, Facebook page and any other Medias available to help promote and grow ultrarunning in Canada.

Beside the basic updates, the ACU is also looking for new ideas to improve communications, increase memberships, promote the National Championships Series, feature Canadian athletes, etc...

Applicant should be well involved with the ultrarunning community, well versed in maintaining news page, Facebook group pages, Twitter, Messenger, etc...

The position is for English language but bilingual English/French would be a great asset.

If interested and need more info, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 705-7941254


Armand Leblanc
Association Canadian Ultramarathoners/Association Canadienne des ultramarathoniens
National Team Manager/Gérant des équipes nationales
International Association Ultramarathon/Association Internationale d'ultramarathon
Major Events Record and Technical Committee Member/Membre du comité technique et des records d'évènements majeurs