GIS-Changan Ford Ultra Challenge 2018 50km and 100km

Kiren Sports announces with great pleasure the Changan Ford Ultra Challenge 2018 will take place in October 26th at Zishan Lake Xianning City Hubei Province, China. 

It is an IAU bronze labelled race consisting of 50km and 100km distances.

The LOC are welcoming CVs of interest from international athletes and if invited will pay for accommodation and meals for 3 days and provide a travel grant based on where you live.

This is not an IAU intrenational championship but rather an opportunity for international racing and an opportunity to travel to an amaizng part of the world and appreciate the hospitality of the LOC. 

Further details on the GIS can be found here: GIS 

Please note the deadline for posting CVs is 30/08/2018

If you have any further questions please contact the Race Organizers.