2019 Trail Championships Results (44.2 km)

World Championships Trail 44.2 km event in , Mirandha De Corvo, Portugal,  8th Jun 2019. Following are the results for the Canadian delegation.

Official results at : http://statistik.d-u-v.org/getresultevent.php?event=50783

Team member Province Results

Nick Elson

Remi Leroux

Elliot Cardin

Seth Marcaccio

Kim Magnus

Sarah Bergeron-Larouche

Kathryn Drew

Allison Thompson

Meagan Franks


British Columbia




British Columbia


British Columbia

British Columbia


Men's Individual Results: 

Nick Elson 3:57:18 Hrs                        

Remi Leroux 4:44:13 Hrs

Elliot Cardin 4:54:31 Hrs

Seth Marcaccio  DNF          

Men's Team Results:  

28th Place in 13:36:02 Hrs


Women's's Individual Results:                                 

Kim Magnus  4:39:51 Hrs

Sarah Bergeron-Larouche  4:43:08 Hrs 

Kathryn Drew 5:01:41 Hrs

Allison Thompson 5:13:31 Hrs

Meagan Franks 6:40:49 Hrs 


Women's Team  Results:

10th Place in 14:24:40 Hrs

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