2011 Trail Championships Results (70km)

World Trail Championships event in Connemara, Ireland, Jul 9th 2011 Following are the results for the Canadian delegation.Official results at : http://www.runconnemara.com/live/347.html    

Team member




Jason Loutitt                   

Ryne Melcher
Glen Redpath
Adam Hill
Andy Nicol



Jackie Muir

Bernadette Benson

Melanie Bos


Open Runner

Kristin Ohm-Petersen




British Columbia
New York ***
British Columbia



British Columbia

Australia *** 

British Columbia


Men's Individual Results:                            

Jason Loutitt     6:40:32 hrs Silver Medal

Glen Redpath   8:22:54 hrs             

Andy Nicol      8:43:26 hrs                                               

Ryne Melcher DNF                                                        

Adam Hill  (Injured) 

Men's Team Results:                                               

10th place in a time of 23:46:52 Hrs


Women's's Individual Results:                                 

Melanie Bos          8:45:26 hrs                                       

Denise McHale      8:48:35 hrs                                 

Bernadette Benson 9:27:07 hrs                                            

Jackie Muir            10:06:03 hrs

Women's Team  Results:                                                     

3rd place in a time of 27:01:08 hrs Bronze Medal



*** Canadian living abroad