1997 National Team 100K

The team competed at the 100KWorld Championships which were held September 13, 1997, in Winschoten, The Netherlands.

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Team Members Province Results

Jim Swadling
Ray Leonard
Steve Royer

Sue Kainulainen
Suzanne Gagnon
Deanna Lindsay
Jane Balantyne

British Columbia
British Columbia
British Columbia

British Columbia

Women's Team
Total Time 28:16.35 Hrs
Individual Results
Sue Kainulainen 8:58.37
Suzanne Gagnon 9:38.14
Deonna Lindsay 9:39.44
Jane Balantyne 9:43.04

Men's Team
Total Time 24:57.47 Hrs
Individual Results
Jim Swadling 7:50.06
Ray Leonard 8:10.56
Steve Royer 8:56.45