2007 National 100K Team

The team competed at the 100K World Cup 2007 on September 8, 2007 in ,Winschoten, The Netherlands. More information, regarding this event, can be found on the IAU web site www.iau.org.tw. 

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Team Members Province Results
Darren Froese
Darin Bentley
Bruce Barteaux
Jack Cook
Richard Webb
Marianne Perz
Paula Burchat
Jennifer Dick
British Columbia
British Columbia
United Kingdom**
Women's Team Results
8th place
in a time of 27:39.06 Hrs

Women's Individual Results
Jennifer Dick 8:26.57 Hrs
Marianne Perz 9:19.20 Hrs
Paule Burchat 9:52.49 Hrs

Men's Team Results
12h place in a time of 23:54.49 Hrs

Men's Individual Results

Darin Bentley 7:49.22 Hrs *PB
Darren Froese 7:50.19 Hrs *PB
Richard Webb 8:15.08 Hrs *PB
Bruce Barteaux 8:36.40 Hrs

** Canadian residing in the United Kingdom