1990 National Team 100K

The team competed at the 100K World Cup 1990 on October 27th 1990, Duluth, United States

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Team Members Province Results

Stefan Fekner                         

John Breit                          

Robert Manson

Fred McLennan                 

Howie Simpson 




Joe Wells





Australia ***













Women's Team Results

No women team finish

Women's Individual Results

Joe Wells      11:57:25 Hrs


Men's Team Results

5th Place Overall in 23:28:28 Hrs

Men's Individual Results

Stefan Fekner    6:42:12 Hrs

John Breit          8:20:17 Hrs

Robert Manson   8:25:59 Hrs

Fred McLennan   10:58:25 Hrs

Howie Simpson    11:20:33 Hrs


*** Canadian living abroad