2017 Trail Championships Results (50km)

World Championships Trail Sacred Forests 50km event in , Badia Prataglia, Italy,10th June 2017. Following are the results for the Canadian delegation.

Official results at : http://statistik.d-u-v.org/getresultevent.php?event=38141&cat=all&country=CAN&speed=1&aktype=2&Submit.x=12&Submit.y=10

Team member Province Results

Cody Callon

Calum Neff

Jesse Booi

Jeremy Walsh

Annie Jean

Cassie Smith

Kathryn Drew

British Columbia

Texas ***

British Columbia

British Columbia



British Columbia

Men's Individual Results: 

Cody Callon 5:15:18 Hrs                        

Calum Neff 5:42:25 Hrs

Jesse Booi   5:53:47 Hrs

Jeremy Walsh 6:44:53 Hrs            

Men's Team Results:  

19th Place in 16:51:31 Hrs 


Women's's Individual Results:                                 

Annie Jean 5:37:05 Hrs

Cassie Smith 6:23:59 Hrs

Kathryn Drew 6:26:12 Hrs                                

Women's Team  Results:

13th Place in 18:27:17 Hrs

*** Canadian living abroad